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Planning Your Toilet Needs for Your Event
June 2, 2016

Planning your toilet needs for your event can be tricky. When planning an event, toilets are frequently a concern but At Handi-Can we have experience hosting events large and small, from weddings, to marathons and sporting events, to multi-day festivals. Our job is to take the hassle out of planning your toilet needs for your event, and make your experience worry-free. Leave us to do the dirty work!

When considering portable toilets it is important to consider a few things:

Quantity of Toilets Required

One of the most important things in planning your toilet needs for your event is the quantity of units required, count on our Toilet Calculator. Simply by comparing the length of your event and the hours per day of usage, our calculator can provide you with an accurate quoted number of units. It is also important to consider if there will food and drink at your event. If so, nature calls more frequently and you will likely need some extra toilets available.  

Type of Toilets

At Handi-Can we offer a wide range of toilets to cater to your event. Hosting an outdoor wedding? Our blue and pink portable toilets are a great choice for separating Men’s and Women’s stalls. Looking for something a bit more flair? Our trailer-style toilets include standard flush toilets with hand sinks. For a full detailed list of all our available products check out our Products page here.

Wheelchair Accessible Units

Typically 10% of the units, or one per 10 units, should be wheelchair accessible. Check out our wheelchair accessible units here.

Hand Wash Sinks

When considering hand wash sinks, it is best to reserve them for only smaller functions. At larger events supplies run out quickly and you’re left with a crowd of unimpressed guests. If you’re hosting a larger function opt for hand wash sinks inside each portable toilet for better service and supply control for your guests.

Toilet Location at the Event

Think about the placement of toilets on site. Toilets need to be easily accessible for our service drivers, trucks and hoses, but also your guests. Choose a location that is visible to the public without disrupting the flow of your event. No one wants to be enjoying their food with a loo as their dinner guest. Also consider peak times your portable units may be in use. For example, if you’re planning a marathon, toilets will be in high demand right before the starting gun fires. Ensure you have space for line-ups.

The Frequency of Servicing Your Toilets

At Handi-Can we prefer to come in and service your toilets before or after event hours. This makes things less disruptive for your attendees. If necessary we are able provide service during the event, however it is not recommended as it is intrusive and poses a safety issue. Talk to us if you think service during event hours is required and we can work out a system that works for you. We pride ourselves on providing clean and stocked units and provide daily service for multi-day or food and drink focused functions.

Ready to book toilets for your event? Request a quote now with our online system. Our pricing includes everything you need, including delivery, setup, supplies, removal and disposal all at one transparent up front price. Have further questions about our products and services? Contact us today at 780 962 9400.

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