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Handi-Can offers our products and services on a short-term and long-term rental basis for a number of different applications.

Temporary construction sites are our largest client base, whom we are dedicated to servicing on a weekly, bi-weekly or daily basis if needed. Construction sites are starting up or coming to completion all the time and Handi-Can is there to deliver, remove, relocate or increase service at a moments notice.  

There are many private events that require Handi-Can’s services such as company BBQs, birthday & anniversary parties, weddings, and community fundraisers.

Handi-Can also has the capacity to service large, outdoor events like music festivals, carnivals, rodeos, racing events, and marathons.

We offer seasonal rentals for parks and recreational areas in the summer, as well as rentals for winter sports like skating and tobogganing parks. Handi-Can is very fortunate to service so many fun and exciting events!

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