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Toilet Rentals for Large Events and Festivals

If you are running a large event or festival, you have enough to worry about. Let us handle the restroom situation.

At Handi-Can, we have plenty of experience providing portable toilet solutions for large, multi-day events, such as music festivals, carnivals, rodeos, and large sporting events like marathons and soccer tournaments. Our roster of clients has included the Edmonton International Folk Fest, K Days, The Edmonton International Fringe Festival, and more.

  • Portable toilets in blue, pink, green, and orange
  • Wheelchair accessible toilets
  • All supplies and services, including delivery, setup, removal, and disposal
  • Regular cleaning and servicing included in your price

There’s nothing worse than running an event and seeing complaints roll in about the insufficient number of restrooms or improperly serviced toilets. We know just how many toilets your event will need and how to properly service your restrooms to ensure your event runs smoothly, so get in touch and have a local company provide everything you need for your event in the Edmonton area!

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